House rules

We ask you to follow the house rules so that you and other guests on the property can be guaranteed a quiet and pleasant stay. We wish you a pleasant stay in our property.

  1. The apartment is available to guests on the day of arrival from 3 p.m. The apartment must be handed over by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.
  2. For registration, the tenant has to fill out a registration form and hand it over to the landlord immediately. This includes all guests with name, place of residence and telephone number (Corona regulation).
  3. The usage price is payable at the beginning of usage.
  4. The apartment can only be entered on the paid days (beginning 3:00 p.m. / end 10:00 a.m.), regardless of whether the key is still in the tenant's possession.
  5. In the period from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. the noise level should be reduced to room volume.
  6. Foreign people brought in are only permitted to enter the premises with the prior permission of the landlord.
  7. For non-paid overnight stays between two stays, all personal items must be taken by the tenant to ensure that they can be re-let. This also applies to the key.
    There is no liability for items left behind.
  8. The tenant is not entitled to carry property belonging to the apartment.
  9. The front door must always be kept locked.
  10. The windows must be closed before leaving the apartment.
  11. The radiators must be set to frost.
  12. The apartment must be adequately ventilated daily.
  13. When leaving the apartment, make sure that all electrical devices are switched off.
  14. Only in-house electrical appliances or cooking appliances may be used.
  15. The furniture in the rented apartment must not be removed or taken temporarily. This applies in particular to small parts from the kitchen such as dishes and cooking accessories.
  16. Laundry is not to be dried in the apartment. Various laundry spiders are available outdoors for this.
  17. Leftover food, oil, hygiene articles and food must not be disposed of in the toilets !!!
  18. Smoking is only allowed in the smoking corner. It is located outside.
  19. Garbage is to be separated on the basis of legal regulations. Garbage cans for paper, plastic, glass and residual waste are available for this. Additional costs in the event of disregard may be charged by the landlord.
  20. Only charcoal may be used for barbecuing outdoors. The use of firewood is not permitted due to the flying sparks.
     Bonfires may only be made on the designated fire pit. Please inquire with the landlord whether campfires are possible due to the forest fire level.
  21. In the event of damage and soiling of any kind, the tenant must pay full compensation.
    Any damage caused must be reported.
  22. The apartment must be kept in a clean condition during the stay.
  23. Any deviation from the house rules requires the express consent of the landlord.
  24. In the event of non-compliance with the house rules, the landlord reserves the right to hold the party responsible and to terminate the rental immediately.
    The rental price will not be reimbursed.